About Us

With the dangers and risks involved in this specific profession, we have in place strict work place procedures to minimize risks. All risks in today's workplace can be well avoided by the best workplace practices and OH&S Standards.

All our staff at Woodrowe Tree Technicians are all professionally trained and certified to meet the highest standards of safety requirements to ensure we maintain and constantly update all OH&S requirements, keeping our impeccable record of safety.

Arboriculturalists are specifically trained in the cultivating, managing and studying of woody plants such as trees, shrubs and vines.
We are specialists in both the practice and science of arboriculture.
If trees are encroaching on structural buildings or power lines, Woodrowe assure all our customers receive the right professional advice, along with the best work place practices to safely resolve any tree management problem, both visually and environmentally.

Woodrowe Tree Technicians have the equipment to protect any surrounding landscape causing minimal environmental disruption. All our technicians are professionally qualified and have the skill sets to evaluate and access all tree management issues. All Operators of machinery and equipment are also fully qualified and trained in all aspects of operation and maintenance, with the safety of co - workers and public being the number one priority.

Certificate III in Horticulture
This certificate will develop skills and knowledge in carrying out OH&S procedures; providing information on plants; controlling weeds, pests and diseases; chemical use; plant nutrition; plant establishment; specialist pruning, machinery and equipment operation and maintenance.

Certificate III in Horticulture (Arboriculture) provides practical training in the skills and knowledge essential for maintenance and management of trees. The training provides a strong focus on the development of practical skills, and many tree work projects are carried out.

Areas of study include:
Tree climbing and access
Tree pruning and removal
Transplanting of trees
Assessment of tree health
Provision of advice on trees.