Tree Trimming Services in Hamilton

Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing
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Onsite Mulching

Tree before removal
onsite mulching of by products

Tree Climbing

Tree climbing is useful for trees that are hard to access with EWP trucks or are too high to reach with an EWP truck.

At Woodrowe Tree Technicians we have four experienced climbers that have completed a Certificate of Competence in ‘Tree Climbing' and ‘Aerial rescue’. The training specifically enables our employees to climb a tree using a rope and harness, walk branches, rescue a casualty from a tree and achieve a work position in a tree to use a hand/chainsaw to sever lightweight branches.

Elevated Work Platforms

At Woodrowe Tree Technicians we have on hand five EWP (Elevated Work Platform) trucks. The height our EWP trucks can extend to vary from 12m to 17m. Our trucks are also of different specifications allowing for access to just about any property. Our employees are qualified and experienced in the operation of all our EWP trucks.

Our EWP Trucks are all Elect tested by a certified tester allowing us to use them around Transmission lines. Our employees are also all trained in the use of EWP Trucks around Transmission lines.