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Tree Trimming Services in Hamilton

Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing
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Onsite Mulching

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Trees provide many benefits to your property, but they need maintenance to keep them healthy and prevent them from becoming a hazard. Contact Woodrowe Tree Technicians if you need tree trimming in Hamilton or the surrounding areas.

We have the equipment and experience to handle any kind of tree trimming job, no matter how large, so call us if you have a large tree that needs special care.

Elevated Work Platforms

The team at Woodrowe Tree Technicians specialises in the trimming of large trees due to our unique fleet of Elevated Work Platform (EWP) trucks. These trucks enable us to work at heights of up to 19 metres, and the EWPs can also work lower than 12 metres. We have several different truck sizes and configurations to allow us to access trees on different properties.

All of our EWP trucks undergo regular safety inspections by certified inspectors, including electrical tests to ensure that we can use them around transmission lines and power lines without incident. We also give our employees the necessary training so that they can safely operate our EWP trucks around transmission and power lines. These considerations ensure that we can trim your trees without creating any electrical hazards.

Tree Climbing

When we can’t access a tree with one of our EWP trucks or if a tree is simply too high to reach properly, we can climb trees to provide the trimming services you need.

Woodrowe Tree Technicians employs experienced tree climbers that have undergone certification for Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue. This training enables them to perform high-top tree rescues, so they can easily scale trees with a rope and harness, secure themselves to a safe work position and use handsaws or chainsaws to efficiently trim foliage and remove dead branches from even the highest trees.

If the trees on your Hamilton property need tree trimming, contact Woodrowe Tree Technicians for assistance today. We have the expertise and the precision needed to get the job done right.