Tree Removal in Hamilton


image of tree before


An after image of our tree trimming in Heywood

Need a big problem removed!

Tree Climbing

Tree climbing is useful for trees that are hard to access with EWP trucks or are too high to reach with an EWP truck.

At Woodrowe Tree Technicians we have four experienced climbers that have completed a Certificate of Competence in ‘Tree Climbing; and ‘Aerial rescue’. The training specifically enables our employees to climb a tree using a rope and harness, walk branches, rescue a casualty from a tree and achieve a work position in a tree to use a hand/chainsaw to sever lightweight branches.

This job was hard to access with an EWP Truck as the tree was rather tall. The EWP Truck was used to access the lower branches of the tree, however our employees climbed the tree to cut the higher branches. The pictures to the right show the tree before, and after Climbing and lopping.